Composite ID™

CompositeID service is an identity enrichment process through which multiple identity verification methods are aggregated to exponentially strengthen the confidence and assurance that someone is who they claim to be.


CompositeID™ includes an expedient enrollment process, full-featured subscriber tools, a configurable rules engine customizable to the subscriber’s use case, and a choice of multiple verification methods, including established connectivity to multiple data providers.


Use Cases

CompositeID is designed to address many different remote identity proofing use cases:

  • Secure delivery of Government services (Social Security, IRS, FAFSA), by verifying identities through official Government authoritative databases (SSN, DEERS, NCIC, etc.)
  • Prescreening visitors (Federal facilities, military bases)
  • Specialized Department of Defense and Federal identity applications including: privileged identity management, secure communication, password alternatives, and common access card (CAC) or personal identity verification (PIV) card replacement
  • Financial services; recent ”know your customer” and ”anti-money laundering” mandates are forcing banks to be more diligent in opening new accounts
  • Elevate trust in users with existing accounts engaging in higher-risk interactions, such as wire transfers, password recovery, or change of address
  • Consumer-to-consumer markets, such as auctions and dating sites that have strict requirement to verify consumers
  • Education market - positively identifying participants in online/remote coursework


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