Customer Relationship Management

CST's Legato platform illustrates our core competency in bringing leading edge data management technologies to the retail market. This includes creating advanced card technology for a loyalty and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application, packaging and delivering it via a subscription model in the retail market.

In one high-profile project, a leading provider of innovative Customer Relationship Management solutions amassed data from hundreds of automobile dealerships under management. CST built a data warehouse to support over 5 million customer records. Each customer, in turn has multiple sales and service records, which are updated and synchronized by nightly ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) processes, consisting of batch loads of feeds coming from multiple data providers across hundreds of dealerships. Extensive sales and service records with hundreds of data fields are managed efficiently. On demand reports are generated daily and in real time.

The end-to-end solution allows for cross sectional views by dealer, dealer group, distributors, product line, etc. Thresholds and target objectives are easily identified. ROI analysis and predictive modeling are also possible from the enterprise data warehouse that was developed.