Centralized Transaction Management


introCardSmart Technologies, Inc. (CST) has developed several highly secure and innovative transaction management frameworks and platforms to power CST's enterprise-scale solutions.

In their simplest sense, these powerful platforms are centralized, highly efficient transaction engines and databases that are managed by a common Web browser. These platforms are deployed world-wide and securely process tens of thousands of sessions, data retrievals, queries, reports, and other administrative tasks every hour.

The innovative architecture of each platform enables full and seamless integration within a variety of transaction processing applications such as identity management, access control, visitor management, cyber security event tracking/analysis, business intelligence dashboards, and retail front end point-of-sale technologies, including payment, debit, coupon, loyalty and scanners.

And because our technology platforms borrow heavily from CST's experience in developing and integrating a variety of high-level security solutions in both the public and private sectors, just about any organization could benefit in a significant way from a well-engineered employee, customer, and/or membership identity management program from CST.


Solutions include:


On-Site or In-the-Cloud Flexibility

on-siteThe keys to CST engineered transaction platforms are their flexibility and scalability, a result of the overall architectural design and Web-based user interfaces built into each platform. Therefore they can be deployed in software as a service (SaaS) mode or integrated into any legacy environment.

Most organizations prefer the SaaS model and look to CST to host, manage, and maintain the service. But others prefer to have the platform installed on their premises and behind their firewall.

What We Do

CST designed solutions help organizations better manage disparate data from multiple sources, such as identity management, physical and network logical access control, time and attendance systems, visitor management, retail customer sales transactions, loyalty and payment processing. Information from these transactions is then reported back in user-specific, context-sensitive displays or dashboards.

At retail, for example, CST's Legato platform helps merchants build and administer successful communications, rewards and incentive programs. Merchants are empowered to create powerful and relevant marketing campaigns. Multiple media (email, direct mail, voice calling, and text messaging) can be utilized to dispatch personalized and timely messages to customers.




customThe inherent flexibility in each CST platform's functionality leads to the relatively easy customization to a particular end user's specifications. This usually includes incorporating robust communication tools and utilities that allow users to easily access and manage their data for their own purposes.

The core of each platform can be optionally extended with custom client-specific code. The resulting customization can be minor or very extensive. Since the first customizations in 2000, CST has implemented a number of customer specific solutions using CST's engineered platform cores.

Whether you are looking for a turnkey solution or only certain services, CST is prepared to supply everything necessary to ensure the success of your application.