Business Intelligence Systems


mainAre you managing your data, or is it managing you?

In our experience as a systems integrator working for companies and organizations, large and small, in the private and public sectors, we hear one common lament
with regard to data:

How do we manage all of this data?

The answer is not always the same. That's because every organization has different needs. Typically, in our engagements, we are introducing even more data to a client organization already overloaded with too much data: data that is varied and stored within applications that don't effectively talk to each other. It is the rare environment that offers end users visibility of their data across the entire organization. If you can't really see your data when you need it, how can you use it?

Often, CST is brought into an organization to integrate new applications and functionality, such as more robust Customer Relationship Management (CRM) features, loyalty or payment processing, expanded physical or network logical access controls, new time and attendance systems, or visitor management with enhanced screening requirements. CST offers a tool kit full of applications, processes and routines to address this need. Our engineers are adept at building a DataArch, CST's unique layer of customized integration software that sits atop our Legato framework and your applications.

Enterprise Intelligence

CST's goal is a tight integration of relevant data that will help your organization better manage its business processes and enhance its productivity. Some people call this Business Intelligence. We call it Enterprise Intelligence.


data-archCST's DataArch* is a unique layer of customized integration software that sits atop our Legato framework and your applications that allows you to manage your data more effectively. We use advanced extraction and transformation engines, filters, mapping and loading utilities. These tools and techniques have proven most effective in managing disparate data for organizations with millions of members.

Because our Legato framework is a unique data management environment that has been built to manage millions of transactions in a highly secure and efficient manner, it has proven to be an excellent platform to conform and report information in user-specific interfaces.


data-visData visibility is in the eyes of the beholder. Whether you are in charge of your organization's information technology, security programs, marketing efforts, financial well-being, or are the CEO in charge of it all, your definition of data visibility will vary. CST's job is to integrate, manage and store your data so that it can be served to users in customized context-sensitive real time displays and dashboards.

Your data will be served to you on-demand in our hosted solution, or on-site managed by you under license. Either way, you have control of your business and its future direction.


Membership Organization
One system manages customer interaction, loyalty, payment and accounting, time and attendance; checks visitors against sexual predator lists; and screens employees for background checks.

Government Organization
Massive amounts of data is stored around the world in different silos, fully integrated so that personnel and assets are managed on a single central platform with context-sensitive user interfaces and dashboards in a highly secure environment.

Retail Association
Merchants use a single system that processes payment, loyalty, and CRM  in one seamless environment with user-specific interfaces for customer, employees and third parties.

Manufacturer of Sensitive Materials
Manufacturing operation has real-time control of job tracking, time and attendance, as well as a robust access control security program geared to managing inventories of sensitive materials by employee by job, integrated with state-of-the-art video surveillance.

Marketing management uses dashboard displays showing key sales data and profit results in a real-time environment by store, by department, by time of day, interlaced with the ability to drill down to specific transaction or customer events, while also reading the effectiveness of various on-going marketing campaigns.