CompositeID™ is a patent-pending, web-based remote identity proofing service created by CST. CompositeID™ aggregates, evaluates, and uniquely scores results from multiple identity verification methods to exponentially strengthen confidence in the identity of an individual who was previously unknown to the subscriber, thereby providing the subscriber with a higher level of assurance that the individual is who he or she claims to be.

CompositeID™ is superior to traditional KBV (Knowledge-Based Verification) proofing. By considering multiple verification methods in aggregate, the CompositeID Score™ yields a better quality result with greater identity confidence’ The process is compliant with all accepted standards for identity proofing.

CompositeID™ includes an expedient enrollment process, full-featured subscriber tools, a configurable rules engine customizable to the subscriber’s use case, and a choice of multiple verification methods, including established connectivity to multiple data providers.


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