Custom Solutions

Custom Development/Solutions

As a premier provider enterprise-scale applications, CST designs each program element to customer specification and is prepared to supply everything necessary to ensure the successful performance of each application component. It is much more than simply delivering computer equipment or installing software. CST takes pride in the attention its engineers give to installing and configuring new systems. Site testing, documentation, and the training of individuals, groups and organizations ensure a smooth transition from development to deployment.

Training is key to the on-boarding process to ensure that new installations are up and running with minimal delay. CST has considerable experience in this area, having conducted training classes in a variety of subjects related to the use and deployment of enterprise applications.

  • Multiple Technology Stacks
  • Network security
  • Advanced cards and bio-metrics
  • Mobile platforms
  • Enterprise transactions
  • Encryption technology
  • Middleware and API development
  • Custom programming
  • Vendor agnostic
  • Web services



Performance and Legacy Considerations

Mission critical applications should be run on high-performance hardware. CST can specify these systems and identify security, cost, interoperability, scalability and performance considerations. Our engineers have experience implementing new systems ranging from small handheld devices to high-end networked systems. We have particular expertise working with legacy systems and the skill necessary to integrate new equipment without disrupting current processes.