Security is essential to successful operations. Whether you are securing a retail transaction, a safe work environment for your employees, or the integrity of network data, security applications developed and integrated by CardSmart Technologies, Inc. (CSTgive you a higher level of confidence that what you secure today will be secure tomorrow.


Start With A Secure Platform

A centralized data warehouse records and manages all system-wide transactions and events. At the core of most CST solutions is one of our proprietary technology platforms which has been managing transactions and events for more than five years and has grown to handle millions of people and their daily transactions.


Engage Security-focused Experts

CST engineers are highly trained in vulnerability scanning, digital forensics, penetration testing, and remediation techniques. Advanced cybersecurity countermeasures include development of specialized software for correlation reporting and dashboards tied to next generation server/network logging. It is strongly recommended that CST’s CISSPs or similarly certified professionals be responsible for the IA support, which will include security patching and updates, data backups and updated configuration, advanced management of user and admin accounts.


Security First

Many solutions are deployed worldwide in challenging, high-security environments. CST has led multi-discipline teams in the design and development of reusable software components for user authentication, secure metadata storage, and location hierarchy management. To securely deploy these solutions, CST has set up and hardened physical and virtual servers meeting DoD mandated IA standards ensuring server/network security, application deployment best practices, and information security by using firewalls, white lists, certificates, CRLs, encryption, and intrusion detection. A recent CST developed and deployed identity management system amassed millions of PII records including SSNs and bio-metrics. After its deployment, CST managed the global system of more than 50 Linux servers across multiple worldwide DoD networks. CST maintained server health, data integrity, replication, backups, and guarded against cyber attacks.


Manage Your Employees' Safety; Secure Your Assets

With CST providing your solution, you can be confident that you have selected best-in-class identity management, access control, visitor management, and time and attendance systems. This is also true for networked hardware devices including door readers, video cameras, time and attendance devices, badge printers, and other security appliances. Users are issued a single multipurpose card or token which provides access to parking, exterior doors, time card systems, PC/network logon, and life safety. All enterprise wide security systems are fully integrated for greater command, control and operational visibility.