Identity Management

CardSmart Technologies, Inc. (CST) and its engineers have been involved in identity management in one form or another for more than three decades, and have grown to appreciate that the market for the products used in identity management solutions is significant and constantly evolving. CST has solutions for remote identity proofing, privacy assurance, Cloud-based badging, and mobile/virtual identification.



Composite Identity Model    

Remote identity proofing is the process through which an individual who is party to an online transaction can be uniquely verified. An individual’s entitlement to perform a particular transaction or access specific information hinges on the assurance that the individual in question is indeed who he or she claims to be. This presents a challenge to the secure delivery of services, as well as to online commerce, the enormity of which is compounded when a system attempts to authenticate for the first time a previously unknown individual.  The CST composite identity model is a patent-pending identity proofing process created by CST through which results from multiple identity verification methods are aggregated, evaluated and uniquely scored to exponentially strengthen the confidence and assurance level of the identity.


Privacy Auditor Service   

CST is developing an automated privacy auditor capable of analyzing large data sets of potentially personal information. This Cloud-based auditing and reporting service accepts a data set and parameters as input, proceeds to evaluate for privacy risks, and generates results that include findings and suggestions for action. The evaluation process consists of systematically applying multiple privacy tests to the furnished data set. The resulting audit report summarizes results of the separate tests, creates a composite privacy score, and presents the findings so that the privacy risks can be visualized and mitigated by the data owner.



Cloud-based Badging   

In 2016, a revolutionary Cloud-based identity management solution developed entirely by CST was introduced by Veonics LLC of Cocoa Beach, Florida. This multi-language system greatly reduces the costs, errors and inadequacies generated by traditional employee badging systems, which can contain sensitive PII. For the first time, organizations now have a truly Cloud-based, privacy-sensitive credential issuance solution. CST is in active discussions with major security product manufacturers, re-sellers, and other partners to expand the system’s use throughout the Americas and the rest of the world.



 Mobile Identity   

At the heart of the new system is a unique, first of its kind virtual ID badge, the Veonics vID  badge, which is displayed on common mobile devices, such as smart phones and tablets. The vID instantly and independently verifies an individual’s employment and/or active status within an organization through a separate authoritative source. The rapidly expanding user base includes organizations of all sizes eager to use this new breakthrough identity management system.