Loyalty Marketing CRM


Creating Customer Loyalty

mainIn marketing applications, the objective is to create customer loyalty. That means getting customers to come back more often, and/or getting them to spend more on each visit. It means cross-promoting products or services. However, in the end, effective customer-based marketing applications mean only one thing... business, and more of it.

By developing innovative technology around this core principle, CardSmart Technologies, Inc. (CST) has crafted a unique framework called Legato on which cost-effective loyalty marketing programs can be deployed. The platform also allows clients to combine our marketing loyalty programs with our powerful Customer Relationship Management (CRM) communication technologies.

Unique to the Legato platform is seamless integration into legacy environments or independent operation in a stand-alone mode at point-of-sale.

Legato also has the flexibility to be integrated with most payment systems.


Managing Your Customer Experience

crmCST Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools can be easily deployed across the spectrum from a single retail location to multi-location chain operations. CST CRM is designed to allow both small store operators and larger chain management to easily identify the purchasing behavior of their customers and effectively communicate with those customers in a merchant-configured and managed software environment.
With CST solutions, you can:

  1. Easily and affordably offer your customers a loyalty program
  2. Reward and communicate with your customers using variable personalized messages on a one-to-one basis with content relevant to the individual through preferred media channels (e-mail, direct mail, text or voice messaging, cellular MMS)
  3. Monitor program effectiveness with measurable results using built-in self-tuning analytics (relative success of marketing events, customer value/worth, ROI)
  4. Mine your data warehouse (cross sell, up sell, develop more relevancy, profile/identify new customers)

One-to-one marketing solutions from CST allow you to view each customer as an individual, whether at the retail counter or on-line over the Internet. By harnessing the power of automated data management and various communication technologies, cost effective marketing solutions can be delivered with measurable results to client companies.


recruitCST marketing solutions promote what we call the "Three R's" - Recruit, Reward, Retain.

New Customers

Sometimes called "Conquest Marketing," the process of attracting new customers is vital to any business.  CST provides lead generation services that complement loyalty initiatives. Our solution offers multiple ways to contact prospects including voice, e-mail and direct mail.  Automated processes for filtering the best possible candidates further increase the effectiveness of any marketing campaign.

Used in conjunction with CST's Customer Relationship Management tools, there is no better way to strengthen your customer or membership base.


Tailored Rewards

rewardAt the center of all successful loyalty initiatives is a meaningful rewards program. Giving customers something extra in exchange for their continued business is a time-proven, effective tool.
Research shows consumers love flexibility and are more likely to actively participate in a rewards program in which redemption is easy, immediate and meaningful. CST's rewards programs are powerful and have been shown to dramatically alter customer shopping habits.


It's All About Customer Retention

retainBusinesses typically do not reach break-even on business-building efforts until well into the new customer relationship. Accordingly, you may not see a return on your investment for months or even years after a new program is implemented. Therefore, it makes sense that once your prospects become customers, you want to do all you can to keep them.  The more they buy and the more frequently they buy, the more quickly you will see a return on your investment.

When marketing solutions from CST are used effectively, you can add a fourth "R" to the "Three R's" of marketing: RESULTS! And isn't that the point? Contact us today.