Enterprise Architecture in the Cloud

CST is a leader in secure Cloud based computing. We have successfully architected and managed private networks for enterprise clients, and deployed solutions to multiple commercial Cloud infrastructures. For the Federal Government, in support of several systems, CST maintained more than 50 virtual and physical servers throughout the world on three highly secure Government networks. And all projects taken on by CST are designed to meet the highest cybersecurity requirements and countermeasures.  

To make an often enormous amount of information relevant to our private sector and Government customers, CST engineers have created user specific, role based home page dashboards that best suit specific user needs. For example, dashboard widgets were customized based on a user’s geographic location and business intelligence needs. System alerts and notifications are also customized based on user roles and responsibilities.

Our engineers, many with three decades of experience in the field of centralized transaction data management, focused on the implementation of increasingly efficient data packets, while building in the latest in cybersecurity technologies, have designed, deployed and now support some of the most secure data networks in the world.