Mobile Identity Management

CST created a new "mobile centric" identity management framework which allows secure virtual ID badges to be displayed on smart devices (iOS, Android) and authenticated instantly against an authoritative database. The new vID Secured virtual badge, or vID is an ID badge that can be immediately displayed on any smart device or PC using popular Internet browsers. If, for whatever reason, the badge is revoked, the display will immediately show the badge as “Inactive.”

Mobile authentication of a vID or a physical badge is made possible when the issuing organization simply adds a special barcode to the templates for the vID or standard badge. Once produced and issued, the vID or physical badge is then scanned at an access control point by common mobile scanning applications on a smart device. The device then directs the user to the vID Viewer,  which in turn displays the credential with photo and ID information for immediate verification that the credential is either valid or inactive. By a visual comparison of the individual being authenticated to the photo generated on the scanning device, a guard or attendant can easily determine whether there is a match or not.